Face Mix and Match

A lot of women would use several products on their faces in the name of beauty. With a wide array of beauty products in the market who’s to know what is the right beauty treatment or right beauty formula for each woman? Television, promotional ads, radio, friends, relatives… wherever you look, there are tons of beauty products promoting their respective brands to entice customers to buy and use their products. And some women get carried away and get drawn into these products without fully understanding the fact that each person is different.

What women should understand is that not all products would agree with our faces. Each face has a specific skin type and have different reactions to certain chemicals or ingredients in each product. Especially when women try to mix and match up skin product brands without the advice of a certified skin specialist. It’s a rule to not overdo the mix and match up experiment with your face, you’ll run the risk of inflaming your skin.

Know Thyself

The best solution is knowing your skin type. When you establish your skin type, it would be easier to lay out your skin care regimen. Women should be careful nowadays on what to use on their faces,because a simple product can cost you. Remember that the first thing that people consider is the face.

But with all the beauty products to consider and ponder upon, women should follow basic guidelines in skin care:

#1 Establish a basic skin care routine: use a mild moisturizing cleanser, toner and a moisturizer. Even for a cleanser you should choose the mild cleanser. There are many cleansers in the market who include strong and harsh effects of the skin. So, read labels and be careful. In the daytime, consider a moisturizer with sunscreen to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Without the facial sunscreen, age spots or dark spots occur. And the many damaging effects of the sun can coz you a lifetime of misery. In the evening, cleanse, tone and moisturize as well.

#2 A daily diet of eating fruits and green vegetables should be considered as they contain lots of vitamins and proteins to boost the metabolism and promotes healthy and glowing skin. What you eat will show in your overall appearance.

#3 Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. It should be remembered that insufficiency of water in the body would decrease the metabolism in the body and therefore hydration sinks in giving the skin a dull look.

#4 Exercising regularly plays a big role. Whether you’re at home or at the office there are tons of exercising routines to start the blood circulation. This would help renew the cells of your skin faster.

#5 Establish a sleeping regimen. Don’t scrimp or deprive yourself from resting. Skin repairs itself at night.

#6 Never sleep with your make-up on. Imagine all the dirt and bacteria that would get trapped and clog your pores. It’s stops your skin from regenerating. So, never, ever, ever sleep with your make-up on.

And again remember “ The first thing that people consider is the face!”

For a long time, I thought I was one of the lucky ones. I didn’t have any wrinkles to speak of well into my fifties. But, as that decade came close to an end, reality kicked in and the mirror was no longer a friendly place for me! I had been using the same anti-wrinkle night cream for nearly 20 years, but I wondered if it might be time to make a switch. I did a web search for wrinkle cream reviews so that I could make an informed choice. At first, I was more confused than anything! There were active ingredients from platinum (yes, platinum!) to aloe to something called “neuro-peptides”. But, taking my time to read the reviews, I really did learn a lot about wrinkles and finally chose a cream which I hope will help me to look my best in the years to come.

Simple Treatments for Acne

best-acne-treatmentIts not how long you have dealt or experience acne problems, its still the same question on how and what is the most effective way to cure it. Its a real pain when you area teenager dealing with the problem for the first time but a nuisance for an adult who is forced to deal with the same problem for the nth time. We do have a few anti aging tricks up our sleeve on acne management that we can share with you.

Bust off coffee. It was proven that caffeine does wonders to the stress hormones in your body and in turn will cause acne breakouts. Go for the organic trends like organic coffee and teas. These organic stuff has caffeine that seems to go well with the body system rather than cause it problem.

Sweat up. Exercising on a daily basis helps you relax so it will have a domino effect on your body. Reduce stress level, increase blood circulation, allows oxygen to circulate to penetrate your skin, and cleaner face which will make the skin blemish free. No blackheads and no acne for that.

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With so many beauty products on sale in the market it can be quite difficult to choose which wrinkle cream is truly effective. The only real way is to try the product yourself but don’t go about it blindly. Read up on anti-wrinkle cream reviews so you will be well informed in choosing a product. Check the label for its active ingredients. If there is an ingredient in the label that will give you side-effects like rashes or skin irritations don’t even think about buying that product. Next take a picture of yourself before using the product. Use the product for quite some time like 4 weeks. That would be enough time to see any significant changes on your skin. Take another picture and compare it with your first one. If you see any great changes then you have found what is best for you!